Alzheimer’s Tool Helps Families Cope.

[ Alzheimer’s Families: I received this incredible letter from a new subscriber. She wanted to help spread the news about how Presto helps her family cope with her Mom’s disease and allowed me to publish it here. — Peter Radsliff, PrestoCEO ]

Dear Mr. Radsliff:

With an aging mother in the early stages of Alzheimer’s it’s become increasingly important to find ways to connect with her and engage her in our lives, no matter where we are in the world. While we were at ISE last week in Amsterdam, I was able to do just that.

Thanks to Presto, Mom got automatically printed emails with pictures of the various sights we saw and I was able to schedule a few notes ahead of time just to say Hi and to tell her we were thinking of her during trade show days when I knew I wouldn’t have time to check in with her. The best part? She was able to rest assured knowing we were safe but having fun and she felt like she was part of the trip if even in a small way.

Alzheimer's tool Presto emailPresto is wonderful. I simply can’t say enough about the service, products, and total ease of use. Mom’s in no way technical but this was the easiest thing to implement and the best way to keep her in touch with the family. Being one who has an intense eye for aesthetics and that doesn’t stand for clutter, the machine had to be small to pass muster. Honestly, if it were clunky in any way, it would be out the door just as many other tech notions before it had gone. Mom’s a stickler for detail. Fitting the bill perfectly, the Presto Printing Mailbox is small enough to inconspicuously sit under her bed, out of sight from all who enter her space. It automatically prints her emails on a predetermined schedule that’s convenient for her. We didn’t want the sound of pages printing to awaken her but we wanted her to get updates throughout the day if possible. Setup as a recurring order, Presto automatically sends mom new ink and paper when they are running low. I administer everything in the cloud and get confirmation of everything that’s sent to her so I know nothing unauthorized is slipping through (it’s a totally secure system).

To help her as she ages, we sent her a three-ring binder so she can put each printed Email into it in order, giving her a book she can look back through to keep track of time, places, people, and the like. It’s our way of helping her remember without her feeling uncomfortable for the things she’s forgotten or forgetting.

Alzheimer's tool used by patient daughter for her mom.To put it succinctly, Presto is a simple, secure, and simply wonderful way to give aging parents a new view to the outside world. If you’ve got aging folks in your life, give Presto a try!

— Katye McGregor Bennett

[ Thanks, Katye, it’s great to know how Presto is helping 
families in different ways. In honor of your Mom and for all the other Mothers out there, we have a special offer for Mother’s Day. — Peter Radsliff, PrestoCEO ]


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