Presto “How To”

The index below contains links to blog posts that chronicle how Presto account managers can best use a Presto Mail computerless email subscription with their non-computer-using loved ones to promote social engagement and assist with family caregiving activities.

Presto computerless email

Current Posts in this Series:

Presto “How To” #1: Signing Up for a Presto Mail Subscription

Presto “How To” #2: Getting the Rest of the Family to Send Presto Mail

Presto “How To” #3: Using PrestoConnect to Help Family Caregivers

Upcoming Posts: (not yet active)

Presto “How To” #4: Involving Grandkids and Friends Through Presto DailySmile

Presto “How To” #5: Make Life Easier with Presto Automatic Ink and Paper Replenishment

Presto “How To” #6: Keep Communication Flowing with the Presto Newsstand

Presto “How To” #7: Sunday Night Caregiving with PrestoConnect Scheduling

Presto “How To” #8: Preparing to “Catch” All That Presto Mail

Presto “How To” #9: Getting Everyone to Use Presto Templates

Presto “How To” #10: Delivering Documents Via Presto

Presto “How To” #11: Keeping Tabs on Your Presto User’s Social Engagement

Presto “How To” #12: Helping Keep Mom and Dad On Track As They Age

Presto “How To” #13: Using “Super Content” to Drive Excitement

Presto “How To” #14: Helping Mom and Dad Stay Happy and Healthy at Home

Presto “How To” #15: How Presto ‘Approved Senders’ Can Help With Family Caregiving


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