Peter Radsliff and the Presto Printing Mailbox

Peter Radsliff, CEO of Presto Services Inc.

Peter Radsliff
President and CEO
Presto Services Inc.

For over 20 years, Peter has developed and marketed consumer technology products people love to use. Peter focuses on developing products that have a deep connection with their users—crafting and communicating each product’s unique and compelling story. This has been his core success strategy behind the development, positioning, and launch of hundreds of new consumer products and services at startups, mid-size, and Fortune 100 companies.

Over Peter’s career, he has led marketing and product development functions at Seagate Technologies, Monster Cable Products, Mirra, Oceanic Worldwide, Sage Systems, and Data Robotics. Besides leading marketing and product management teams at those companies, Peter also played key roles raising venture capital and managing the integration of employees gained through acquisition.

Peter founded the Aging Technology Alliance (http://www.agetek.org) a not-for-profit organization dedicated to promoting the awareness, benefits, and value of products and services for our aging society. He currently serves as AgeTek’s board chairman.
Peter has a BA in Industrial Arts from San Francisco State University, where he also completed his graduate coursework, taught undergraduate and graduate design courses, and is a frequent speaker.


9 thoughts on “About

    • Thanks for your question, Deborah, but we don’t have any plans for adapting Presto for digital phone service. What I suggest is that you pose the following question to your digital phone service provider: “How can I put a fax machine on your line?” Although the Presto Printing Mailbox is not a fax machine, and does not in fact use any facsimile technology, posing the question in this way can help better communicate with the telephone people. Some digital phone providers have an “analog line emulator” which allows for devices like fax machines to run on their lines. I hope that helps.

  1. I have been fighting an issue with a Presto machine that I arranged for my mother, Mary Kennedy, in Taylorville, IL. I have been in contact with Crystal Salcedo since this began back in June of 2013. Her phone number connected with the Presto is 217 824-5522.
    While everyone I have spoken with over this LONG time has been very nice, the problem has still not been resolved. I have a tech person that I am paying to be present at my Mom’s home in ILL to install a Konnexx converter/connector to connect the now digital service that she has in her home to the “old school” analog Presto equipment. The Konnexx unit I purchased at the advice of Crystal Salcedo.
    CAN YOU PLEASE ASSURE ME THAT I CAN HAVE A PRESTO TECH PERSON AVAILABLE TO ME OR MY TECH PERSON AT 115PM CST THIS THURSDAY, NOV 7TH? That would be at 1015am California time. Please have Crystal or Charlie contact me with confirmation that this can be arranged.
    I look forward to hearing back from you right away. I got the Presto for my mother about 7-8 years, and loves to hear from her kids, grands, and great grands. She is almost 94 years young and we want to keep her as actively involved in our lives as possible.
    PLEASE HELP ME. I am extremely frustrated with no results.
    Thank you,
    Deborah Kennedy

    • Absolutely, Deborah.

      Charlie, can you please communicate with Deborah directly to arrange an appointment this Thursday, preferably with you in addition to Crystal? I would really like to run this problem to ground.


      Peter ____________________ Peter Radsliff President & CEO Presto Services Inc. 415.850.1971 mobile peter.radsliff@presto.com

  2. Thank you! I look forward to hearing from Charlie and Crystal.
    My Mom is so excited at the though of being able to have her Presto service operating again!
    Deborah Kennedy

  3. My Mom gets a printed “presto bulletin” sometimes a couple times a week. This really upsets her. It says “The Presto Mailbox could not successfully call the Presto Service” and then the same printed message. Her e-mails work just fine. Does this always occur if she is on the phone when a message is trying to come through? Is there any way to stop this from coming. She says it is using up my paper and my ink and there is not a problem…….

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