“My Email Machine Gives Me A Lift Every Day”

Email Machine Delivers Presto Mail Without a Computer

Mary Jane Anderson is 92.
She is a computer user.
She searches on the web.
She video chats via Skype with her 6 kids and 13 grandkids who live all over the world.
And she told me she really loves getting photos on her Presto ‘email machine’ because she doesn’t even need to touch her PC.

I recently asked Mary Jane about her computer habits and why her Presto ‘email machine’ was so important to her. She told me, “I get photos from the kids and grandkids at all times of the day. They really give me a lift.

When I asked her how often she goes into email on her computer, she said, “Oh…about every other week.” When I asked her if she knew how to print a color photo from her PC, she told me, “No, not really.

Paper vs. Screen
As we have heard from many other Presto customers, Mary Jane keeps her Presto Mail in a three-ring binder where she can go back and look at the different messages and photos from her family time and again. And that points out the biggest difference between email on a computer or tablet and email from a Presto ‘email machine.’ Most of us who live in the digital world treat email as a fleeting communication. Something to be deleted or filed after reading. But the colorful, high-resolution images and messages that print out from a Presto Printing Mailbox are perceived differently by Mary Jane and the tens of thousands of others like her who have enjoyed Presto since it debuted in 2006. Printouts from the Presto email machine are perceived as treasured keepsakes, something to be saved, collected and reminisced over, time after time. Mary Jane’s binder is more like a photo album than an email repository.

Presto Email Machine

Even though Mary Jane’s whole family attaches photos to email and tags Facebook photos for delivery via Presto, she receives full-color, correctly paginated paper letters that are automatically delivered within hours of sending. This makes communication easy for Mary Jane’s family without creating any hassle for her – like having letters delivered by a postal carrier…only faster.

In a world that is getting increasingly complicated, sometimes the best solution is the simplest one. Mary Jane’s Presto email machine is one of those simple pleasures, one that she enjoys every day.

Email Machine by Presto



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