Presto “How To” #1: Signing Up for a Presto Mail Subscription

It is extremely easy to sign up for Presto Mail service, but first, here are a few important things to know:
• There are no “contracts” needed with Presto [ pricing ]
• Every Presto Mail subscription comes with a 60-day money back guarantee
• Presto was founded in 2004 and has an A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau®
• If you have any questions, call us: [ contact info ]

Signing onto PrestoConnect

Two ways to sign up:
You can sign up for a Presto Mail service subscription separately or when you purchase the Presto Printing Mailbox, by…
1. Signing Up Online
2. Or calling us toll-free at 1 (800) 591-9827 between 6:30am–3:30pm, M–F

Helpful things to have before sign-up:
• Deciding upon a personal email address (i.e.
• Knowing the phone number that the Presto Printing Mailbox will be connected to
• Being ready to choose a user name and password for online Account Manager access
• Having the email addresses of people you want to be able to authorize (or do this later)

What to do after sign-up:
The credit card you use to pay for the subscription won’t be charged until the Presto Printing Mailbox successfully connects to the Presto Mail service. It is helpful to do the following two things after you sign up for service:

1. Log into the PrestoConnect Account Manager web page and do the following:
• Select “Manage Preferences” and select an everyday template for mail printouts.
• While there, you can select the text size (i.e. medium, large, or larger)
• Next, go back to the home page and select “Manage Free Subscriptions
• Select any of the 15 free choices your mailbox user might enjoy (hint: favorites include The Best of Andy Rooney, Crossword, Jumble, and Sudoku).
• Go back to the home page, and while you’re at it, select “Manage Paid Subscriptions” and see if your user would enjoy any of the over 200 articles, comics, news or games/puzzles. Most are only $10/year and they provide great engagement all year long.

2. Send your first email:
Send an email with attached photo (i.e. maybe of the grandkids) to the Printing Mailbox which will print out after the welcome sheets when it is first plugged in. This has been proven to be the best way to show the value of Presto Mail to the person you bought the Printing Mailbox for.

Presto Mail printouts

That’s probably enough for now. See other Presto “How To” topics to learn how to get the most from your Presto Mail subscription.


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